ATHENS: The Details

Athens is a trash industry leader in pollution, heath violations, union-busting and price-fixing!

Below are illustrative quotes from the various Athens convictions, with links to the original source documents.
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GUILTY: of Breaking Air Quality Laws:
Athens “continued to solicit new business . . . while it knew it was violating its permits and that its ventilation system was experiencing serious failures.”
The South Coast Air Quality Management District Hearing Board

“The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) cited the facility for odor problems over 44 times in one four-month period alone.”
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

“Residents are suing Athens Disposal Co., claiming the company's recycling facility on Valley Boulevard is a breeding ground for rats and roaches and a source of foul odors, air pollution and other problems.”
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

GUILTY: of Illegal Chemical Dumping in Monterey Park:
"one of the worst toxic hazards in the state and nation. . . . . . EPA Regional Administrator Daniel McGovern has called it 'one of the most complex and contaminated sites in the nation.'"
Los Angeles Times

"the region's largest Superfund Site"
Pasadena Star News

GUILTY: of Union-busting:
Athens owners are guilty of “illegal surveillance of employees outside of work hours,” “illegal interrogations of employees,” “threatening employees,” and “illegal terminations” of employees.
National Federal Labor Relations Board

GUILTY: of Breaking County Health Laws:
Between January 2005 and May 2008, the Athens Transfer Station was cited 42 “Areas of Concern” notices and 7 “Violation” notices. This is nearly twice as many Areas of Concern and Violations as any other transfer station in the County.
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health records

GUILTY: of Price-Fixing:
Athens owners “plotted to eliminate competition and control prices in Southern California's multimillion-dollar commercial trash hauling industry.. . . Athens will pay a $500,000 fine. Ronald Arakelian Sr. will pay a $20,000 fine and may have to serve up to 120 days in jail. The other three officers will pay $10,000 fines and may serve up to 90 days behind bars.”
Los Angeles Times

GUILTY: of Forging Safety Certificates:
“More than 60 verifications that the violations had been corrected, all apparently signed by the same CHP officer. . . . [Fifty-four] signatures were analyzed by the Los Angeles Police Department's handwriting experts, who contended they had been forged.”
Los Angeles Times

GUILTY: of Dangerous Facilities:
OSHA has cited Athens for workplace safety violations 68 times in the last eleven years.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration records from 1996 – 2007

GUILTY: of Operating without the proper permits:
"[Athens is] in violation of Public Resources Code section 42951, which makes it unlawful, on or after January 1, 1995, to engage in the transportation of waste tires unless holding a valid Waste Tire Hauler Registration."
California Integrated Management Waste Board, December 13, 2005
GUILTY: of Not Caring:
Athens “continued to solicit new business . . . while it knew that it was violating its permits and that its ventilation system was experiencing serious failures.”
The South Coast Air Quality Management District Hearing Board, July 24, 2008

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